(The recordings were made using a variety of methods, and as a result the quality varies. I've also left them just the way they were recorded including all the talking and joking in between songs.)

The Bannertown Fair / August 1981
Recorded by Albina Yanis
Recorded: Recorded on a small portable cassette recorder.
Quality: Fair. Another case of considering how it was recorded it's not unlistenable.

Set List
1. This Here Bottle (Pete Wernick/Tim O'Brien) 3:40
2. I Don't Know You (John Dawson) 2:44
3. Roustabout (Traditional) 2:41
4. Take Him In (Traditional) 2:19
5. Bugle Call Rag (Jack Pettis, Billy Meyers and Elmer Schoebel) 2:35
6. Mama Don't Allow (Traditional) 4:40
7. Me And My Uncle (John Phillips) 3:40

Below are the Mp3's for download. To burn to CD, just download all the files, and burn using your CD burning software. (Note: If you have the option to burn with no pause between tracks, use it and the show should play seamlessly.)

Tape 1
This Here Bottle d1t1.mp3
I Don't Know You d1t2.mp3
Roustabout d1t3.mp3
Take Him In d1t4.mp3
Bugle Call Rag d1t5.mp3
Mama Don't Allow d1t6.mp3
Me And My Uncle d1t7.mp3