(The recordings were made using a variety of methods, and as a result the quality varies. I've also left them just the way they were recorded including all the talking and joking in between songs.)

First Night Saratoga 2006 - Set 1
Recorded by Bill Kilcullen
Recorded: Mixer direct out > Mackie mixer > Computer > Multitrack Studio
Quality: An excellent recording, one of the best live recordings.

Set List
1. Little Lies (Bill Kilcullen) 4:18
2. Remington Ride (Herb Remington) 4:07
3. Raised By The Railroad Line (Chris LeDoux) 3:12
4. Rolling Down That Highway (Tom Yanis/Walt Yanis) 3:56
5. California Cotton Fields (Dallas Frazier) 4:26
6. You Are The Reason (Jim Senese/Bill Kilcullen) 4:16
7. In Not Too Many Days (Walt Yanis) 3:53
8. Steel Town (Unknown) 3:07
9. No Win No Place No Show (Walt Yanis) 4:06
10.On My Mind (Bill Kilcullen) 3:39
11.Lonsome Fiddle Blues (Trad./Arr. Sweet Cider)

Below are the Mp3?s for download. To burn to CD, just download all the files, and burn using your CD burning software. (Note: If you have the option to burn with no pause between tracks, use it and the show should play seamlessly.)

Little Lies t1.mp3
Remington Ride t2.mp3
Raised By The Railroad Line t3.mp3
Rolling Down That Highway t4.mp3
California Cotton Fields t5.mp3
You Are The Reason t6.mp3
In Not Too Many Days t7.mp3
Steel Town t8.mp3
No Win No Place No Show t9.mp3
On My Mind t10.mp3
Lonesome Fiddle Blues t11.mp3