(The recordings were made using a variety of methods, and as a result the quality varies. I've also left them just the way they were recorded including all the talking and joking in between songs.)

The Russ Gleaves Recordings / 1982
Recorded by Russ Gleaves
Recorded: Stage setup > mixer? > reel to reel tape recorder : transferred to cassette tape
Quality: This would be terrific if not for the low end distortion coming from the lead guitar and bass. The vocals on some tracks are close to distorting as well.

Set List
1. Angel From Montgomery (John Prine) 3:36
2. Sharon's Song(Bill Kilcullen) 4:48
3. Another Town (Tom T. Hall) 2:10
4. Sail To Australia (Unknown) 3:51
5. Happy On My Way :25
6. Daniel Prayed (Trad. Arr. Sweet Cider) 1:49
7. Steam Powered Aereoplane (John Hartford) 3:38
8. Hickory Wind (Gram Parsons) 4:13
9. Still Feeling Blue (Gram Parsons) 3:36
10. Sad Songs (Bill Kilcullen) 2:52
11. White Freightliner (Townes Van Zandt) 2:22
12. High On A Mountain (Ola Belle Reed) 2:26
13. Showboat Gambler (Dan Seals) 2:24

Below are the Mp3?s for download. To burn to CD, just download all the files, and burn using your CD burning software. (Note: If you have the option to burn with no pause between tracks, use it and the show should play seamlessly.)

Angel From Montgomery t1.mp3
Sharon's Song t2.mp3
Another Town t3.mp3
Sail To Australia t4.mp3
Happy On My Way t5.mp3
Daniel Prayed t6.mp3
Steam Powered Aereoplane t7.mp3
Hickory Wind t8.mp3
Still Feeling Blue t9.mp3
Sad Songs t10.mp3
White Freightliner t11.mp3
High On A Mountain t12.mp3
Showboat Gambler t13.mp3