"One of the high points of The Northeast Country Music Association Presents CD is Sweet Cider's fierce "Lloyd Cady was his name" Peter Hanson-Assistant Editor-Metroland Magazine-Albany, New York

Sweet Cider Recordings
Hey folks! No self-respecting band would hit the road today without having some sort of merchandise for sale, and we here in "Ciderland" are no exception. Here are the Recordings we currently have available.
Listen to some sound clips.
Bassboats & Banjos
Bassboats and Banjos is our first "studio" recording. We had a bunch of friends join us on this one, and in some cases were able to create the "Sweet Cider Large Band" sound.

Tom and Walt's "Lloyd Cady Was His Name" was nominated as Song of the Year for 1999 by the NorthEast Country Music Association, and this CD also includes "Jenny Lynn", "Lobo" and "Daniel Prayed".

Songs From Our Attic
To celebrate playing music together for 25 years, we assembled "Songs From Our Attic" from a collection of tapes we've accumulated over the years ("We were hoping to put 25 songs on this, but 19 was the best we could do!! "). Most of the recordings were made at live shows during 1994 and 1997, although we also included a few that were recorded at Tom's house around 1990.
One In A Lifetime and More
A "home recording" which includes One in a Lifetime, In Not Too Many Days, You Are The Reason and Several others.
Sweet Cider Live
Recorded live at Cafe Lena in 2003.
One In A Lifetime (Single)
This is a CD single of Walt's "One In A Lifetime", which was nominated by the NorthEast Country Music Association, as Song of the Year for 2002. This song can also be found on "Sounding Board Vol. !"
N.E.C.M.A. presents...
We no longer have copies of this CD. Contact the NorthEast CMA if you'd like a copy.
The Northeast Country Music Association put together their first compilation CD with a number of country and bluegrass bands.We were honored to be asked to contribute a cut to it, and are happy to be able to offer "The Northeast Country Music Association presents ....." to you. If you'd like to know more about NECMA, and listen to the songs on the CD, then go here.
Sounding Board Vol.1
Not sure if this is still available. Contact Time Warner Albany for info.
In April of 2000, we had the honor of appearing on Time Warner Cables award winning Sounding Board. We learned early in 2001 that they were planning a compilation CD, and one of the songs to be included was a song written by Walt. Listen to part of "One in a Lifetime" here.

You can get the CD's here.

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